The digitally-controlled inverter-rectifier semi-automatic welding units MIG/MAG of the PROFESSIONAL series are designed for direct-current gas-shielded welding according to such welding processes as a manual arc welding process (MMA), argon-arc welding process (TIG), and a semi-automatic arc welding process (MIG/MAG). These welding units of the PROFESSIONAL series are designed for industrial use. The welding unit can be used separately from the welding wire feeding unit in order to provide the ease of operation of the welding unit and provide the compliance of the unit with safety requirements. The units are rated for operation with an optimal operating load factor at rated currents 200 A and 250 A, correspondingly, in operation from a 220 V single-phase power supply system or a 380 V three-phase power supply system. These currents are sufficient for welding with any electrodes in the range from electrodes 1.6 mm in diameter through low-melting electrodes 6.0 mm in diameter (for MIG/MAG-250P), and for semi-automatic arc welding with solid welding wire 0.6 … 1.2 mm in diameter (for MIG/MAG-200P).

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  • Zīmols: Paton
  • Preces kods: PSI-250P-380V
  • Pieejamība: Ir pieejams